PTE-Speaking Read aloud Tips & Tricks

PTE read aloud question type comes first in the exam for the speaking section. It consists of 6 questions during the real PTE exam. Looking at the question prompt type, all students feel really easy at first. But, when it comes on the exam day it brings down your confidence when unfamiliar words are put to pronounce.

First, let’s see what PTE read aloud question type demands on the exam day:

You will have 30-40 second of time depending upon the passage to prepare for the recording. Once the time gets over, a beep sound will be played and you have to start recording your voice in an audible manner. Don’t start speaking before the microphone opens, or else your voice will not be recorded.

Keep in mind before the progress bar ends you should complete the reading your text. Otherwise, the microphone will stop recording from that point of time, even if you have not finished reading the whole passage Read More